MuniMUN was founded in 2011 by a couple of student enthusiasts from the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University. They kept the project active for two years during which they organized two smaller conferences in 2012 and 2013. However, most of the team members graduated from MU by 2013 and thus MuniMUN for a while ceased to be active.

In 2014, Lenka Vybíralová, our former Secretary General, decided to re-new the tradition of MUN at Masaryk University. Soon afterward she met with Jana Šidlíková, the current Head Coordinator of the project, and together they started building MuniMUN one more time from the scratch. They both had previous experience with MUN and similarly, as the former team, they wanted to create a MUN tradition at Masaryk University.

MuniMUN has received support and financial grants from several institutions and organizations which enabled Lenka and Jana to keep the project active and to organize their first international conference so soon after re-starting the project. At the moment, the still-growing MuniMUN team comprises of about 20 members of the Faculty of Social Studies and the Faculty of Arts, as well as from Mendel University.