How can MUN improve your life?

There are many ways in which you can improve your life. One of them is to invest your time and energy in self-education and activities supporting your personal growth. Attending a Model UN Conference is a perfect opportunity to do just that.
There are many benefits you will gain by joining the conference:

1) Become acquainted with diplomacy and international relations issues; 

Model UN conferences are a perfect way to learn more about the organs of the UN while expanding your knowledge in the fields of international relations and diplomacy. The conferences are diplomatic simulations which allow the participants to understand how these international bodies work, what are their goals and how their operational mechanisms affect today´s world. 

2) Improve your public speaking skills; 

As a diplomatic representative of a chosen country, you are expected to represent its goals and interests, and, if possible, negotiate the best conditions. It is, of course, connected to public speaking which for some may be slightly frightening in the beginning. But trust us, we have all been there and nobody is going to ‘rip your head off’ if something goes wrong… We learn from our mistakes and always improve. Plus, where there is no pain, there is no gain, right?

3) Enhance your leadership skills;

There are several challenges during the conference. It is often required to play different roles and adapt to certain situations in order to have a successful and constructive debate. This way, you will not only enhance your leadership and networking skills, but you will also gain more self-confidence, improve your evaluation and negotiation skills, develop more soft skills and contribute to your personal growth.

4) Make connections and memories for a lifetime;

MUN conferences are not only about serious matters, you will also have lots of fun. It is a great way to combine the pleasant with the useful, and all in a multicultural environment. You will meet other talented people from all around the world, discover new places and cultures, different points of view and make connections and memories for a lifetime.