Participation fees and terms

Fees for MuniMUN 2019

Delegate fee: 

First wave/Delegations* 50 €  (conference fee + social pack)

Second wave/Late applications* 55 € (conference fee + social pack)

*a delegation is a group of at least 4 delegates. Please do not forget to state the name of your delegation in your application.

PLEASE NOTE, that the public transport tickets, the accommodation as well as the transport costs to Brno are not included in the price of conference fee and have to be paid for separately.

Chair fee:

Chairs do NOT pay any fees at MuniMUN 2019. Moreover, the chairs’ package includes all the services included in the delegate fee and accommodation in Brno provided by MuniMUN.

The conference fee includes:

  • Participation at the conference and a certificate of participation
  • Conference materials and brochures
  • Lunch and refreshments during the coffee breaks for the whole duration of the conference
  • Conference gift bag

The social pack includes:

  • Entrance to the opening reception (welcome drink included)
  • Participation in the Delegates Ball
  • Participation in Brno sightseeing (to be specified)
  • more details to be announced

Please bear in mind that transportation to Brno, transportation around Brno and the accommodation are not included in the conference fee.

The payment

The conference fee must be paid within 10 days after you receive the confirmation e-mail with your assigned position. The fee is refundable under certain conditions (see below).

All payment details will be sent to you in the confirmation e-mail. If you fail to pay the conference fee within 10 days after the confirmation, your registration will be cancelled. MuniMUN Secretariat does not cover bank charges of any kind.

The social pack is included in the delegate fee.

In case of any questions or problems with the registration, contact our Delegates team at

The terms and conditions of MuniMUN 2019

 General Conditions

  1. All participants at the conference must be at least 18 years of age
  2. All participants must be currently enrolled at a university/college/have a student status.
  3. The exceptions for both cases are to be considered individually by the MuniMUN Secretariat on

Conduct of the Conference

  1. The participant is expected to contribute actively to the conference, adhere to the schedule of the conference and refrain from any actions which could negatively affect the reputation of the MuniMUN conference.
  2. The participant is expected to actively communicate with MuniMUN team before and during the conference to ensure the smooth performance of the event.
  3. The participant should attend all conference sessions as described in the schedule. Frequent absences (less than 70 % of sessions attended) will result in not issuing the certificate of participation. In this case, participant’s claims for the conference fee refund are not taken into consideration.
  4. The participant is obliged to abide by the laws of the Czech Republic during the whole time of the conference. Any use of illicit drugs, criminal activities or any violations of Czech laws will result in the participant´s expulsion from the whole conference program and the participant may be held criminally liable. In the case of the expulsion of the participant, no claims for refund can be made.
    1. The consumption of alcohol is permitted only for the delegates above 18 years of age outside of the conference sessions.
  5. MuniMUN bears no responsibility for delegates’ personal belongings. MuniMUN is discharged from any compensation claims and demands connected to the losses, damages or injuries which happen to the participant during the conference.

Registration, payment, refunds and Visa procedure

  1. The country assignment may be the subject of change. The country preference as submitted in the registration form is not a guarantee of obtaining the country position.
    1. The country assignment takes place after the first round of the application process . For those registering in the second round, the countries not assigned in the first round will be considered.
    2. The participant cannot represent his own country.


  1. In certain cases, it is possible to have your conference fee refunded to you. This may be the case if you cancel your own registration or if your participation is no longer possible due to a mistake or decision made by MuniMUN. The deadlines for refunds are as follows:
    1. Until 31st August: full refund (40 €).
    2. Between 1st September and 30th September: half (20 €).
    3. After 1st October: no refund (0 €).
  2. MuniMUN Secretariat will try to provide invitation letters and ease the visa procedure to all participants requiring visa to enter the Schengen area. However, the team bears no responsibility for unsuccessful visa claims.
    1. If the participant fails to obtain Schengen area visa with help of the MuniMUN Secretariat, his conference fee will be returned according to the MuniMUN Refund Policy (see the Article 10) within 10 days (with non SEPA payment returns, a bank transfer fee of 8€ will be paid by the participant) after confirmation from MuniMUN Secretariat.

Use of personal data

  1. The participant agrees to provide accurate and up-to-date information to the MuniMUN team and inform them about the potential changes.
  2. MuniMUN reserves the right to use the personal data of all participants as submitted on the MuniMUN registration form. If you disagree with this, please contact our team at
  3. MuniMUN reserves the right to use any video or photo footage from the conference and social events for its website, social networks, and additional advertising of the event.


  1. MuniMUN claims copyright on all materials, photos, logos and articles on its website and social networks. No data can be used by third parties without the prior permission of the MuniMUN team or proper credit.