Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and also a capital of the Moravian region. Not as big and busy as Prague, yet big enough to be a home to several public and private universities as well as many research institutions, Brno is truly an international and dynamic student city.

With its rich history of over 1,000 years and the unique combination of old and modern, Brno is really the place to visit. Are you interested in local folk tales about the Brno dragon? Would you like to see the Europe’s second biggest ossuary, visit the city underground labyrinth, or you wish to find out why there is noon in Brno at 11 o’clock? Then do not hesitate and come to visit!

Besides its rich history, Brno offers a lot of contemporary experience, too. Local brewery will quench your thirst for beer and Czech cuisine will surely be an interesting and enriching experience, too. The club scene is very lively, bars are open long hours, and music is to be heard at every corner. If you prefer something calmer, then a visit to the Brno Lake with a boat trip to the Veveří Castle or visiting the architectural gem like Villa Tugendhat might be the thing for you.

All in all, Brno has almost everything you can think of, so why not to experience it firsthand?