9 Reasons to Attend MuniMUN Conference in Brno

  1. 9reasonsAccessibility

The Czech Republic has the most dense railroad network in the world! Our delegates can visit three capitals (Bratislava, Prague and Vienna), which are all located within 2 hours from Brno by train.

  1. Internationality

Due to a very strategic location of Brno and only a little knowledge about MUN in the Czech Republic we can promise that our conference will be very international. Who could resist spending a few days in the judicial centre of the Czech Republic and the heart of Moravia? We will reveal a little secret to you, according to the nationalities of the delegates who have already applied awe can clearly state that our conference will have a truly international character.

  1. Beer

The entire Czech Republic is very famous for its delicious beer. Brno is not an exception and we have many great local beers. The biggest and the most known brewery is StaroBrno. We can also be proud of our craft breweries. We definitely recommend trying Lucky Bastard, Dragonfly or Richard.

  1. Prices

Brno is also attractive because of its cheap prices. It is way cheaper in comparison to Prague. Some items can be more than twice as expensive in there. Who could resist to have a beer for less than 1 Euro?

  1. Masaryk University

The conference take place in the heart of Brno at beautiful historical buildings of Masaryk University. The Masaryk University is the largest university in Brno. As it does not have a university campus, its buildings are spread around the city centre and are very easily accessible.

  1. AZ Tower

The highest building in Czech Republic is in Brno. The AZ Tower is 111 meters high.

  1. Astronomical Clock

Brno has a very original and extraordinary astronomical clock. It releases one glass ball every day at 11am. Brno has noon at 11am not at 12pm. It has to do with the old story, when Brno’s Špilberk Castle was besieged by Swedish Army. Come to Brno and find out more about our history!

  1. Public transport

Brno has very well-functioning public transport. Our delegates do not have to worry that they will not get to the place of their accommodation. They will surely fall in love with the “šalinas”. Especially at night, Brno has a great system of buses, which go from all parts of the city to the main train station, where they all meet at the same time and enable you to travel wherever you wish.

  1. MuniMUN Organization Team

Last but not least our MuniMUN organization team cannot wait to see you in Brno and provide you with the best MUN experience! We will be here for you all the time not only during the conference but also prior to your arrival. Do not hesitate to contact us with anything, we will do our best to help you and ensure you will enjoy our MUN conference!!!

You can apply here until August 31, 2015.