MuniMUN – Model United Nations Brno, Czech Republic

MuniMUN 2018 is a Model United Nations Conference organized in Brno, Czech Republic.

The main topic of this year’s conference is Technology and peace: The future of international relations.

The conference is going to be held on November 8 – November 11, 2018.

We hope to see you again!



Yotam Kreiman

Secretary General

Matej Ondreják & Lucia Majerčiaková

Project Coordinators

Natália Rondziková

Delegate Affairs

Jana Šidlíková

Fundraising & Partners

Marie Kliková

Public Relations

Andrea Knapiková

Events & Socials

Simona Holičová (PR), Kristína Markechová (PR), Huyen Trang Truongová (PR), Žaneta Vencourová (PR), Tomáš Holý (Logistics), Tereza Vahančíková (Logistics), Veerle Smit (Delegates), Deelan Vadher (Delegates), Lucia Gavenčiaková (Fundraising), Hračja Gjulzadjan (Fundraising), Klára Bílková (Events & Socials), Dária Marková (Events & Socials)

„Dear participants,

the world has been experiencing many changes over the last few decades in general and during the last one in particular. We, mankind, now know many of the effects, impacts, and dangers these changes are bringing. From technological hatch to cyber-terrorism. From global warming to risks of lives world-wide. From economic depressions in developing countries to famine in some of them. From ongoing wars to refugees, poverty and high mortality rates. By understanding the trends, by learning from the past, and observing the present, it is up to us, as the representatives to the United Nations bodies, to devise, agree upon and implement the plans to tackle these risks. It is up to us to work together before it is too late. It is up to us, to secure humanity’s future. Join us at the Model United Nations of Masaryk University, and sound your voice. We selected several contemporary “hot” topics, dealt with these days in the U.N, as part of the sustainable development goals, and we invite you to be a part of creating the solutions to world-problems.“

Yotam Kreiman, Secretary General of MuniMUN 2017



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